Artwork on commission

Special bond

The bond we feel with horses is very special. It is hard to explain to someone who has not experienced this themselves. The connection you have from your heart with your horse is a special one. Your horse is a being that offers so much more than one sometimes realizes and we must honor this. I have painted hundreds of horse portraits on commission. It brings horse owners so much pleasure. In some cases emotional support and in the end peace, especially dealing with loss. 


Missing them

Mirelle: "I regularly speak to people who have had to let their best friend go. Either suddenly or through a dreadful long road of illness(es). Eitherway, the grief and mourning of this loss is intens. From my own experience I can say that the grieving process is more often difficult than easy. Those feelings and sadness can be difficult to deal with. However it is possible to feel the presence of your horse again. So that the emptiness becomes less and the support of his or her presence through the artwork strengthens you in this process. Even years after the fact."

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Transparant about costs




starting size from 60 or 70 cms and up
basic = portrait of head and neck, simple composition


Drawings - graphite or charcoal on paper
(incl base list, passe-partout + glass)

  • 60 cm from €950
  • 100 cm from €1500

Pricing for other (smaller) sizes, with or without framing upon request.

Oil paintings on wooden panel
(incl. basic float framing. An ornamental frame at extra cost)

  • 70 cm from €2500
  • 100 cm from €3500
  • 150 cm from €4300



Pet Portraits





Multiple animals / people, other compositions, other formats or materials​

Creating fine art portraits is customized unique work. The price of a work of art depends on material, format and composition.
With a personal or phone meeting I am able to form a better understanding of your wishes and create a tailor-made quote. 



Travel fee abroad:
ticket and stay


International shipping:
Pricing upon request


We can take care of (decorative) frameworks and framing of your artwork. Pricing upon request.




Payment arrangements









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Portret van een bruin paard door mirelle vegers olieverf schilderij op doek